"Do I have to register for each sale?"

Yes! The first time you register, you will be assigned a 4 digit consignor number. For each sale after, you just log in with that consignor number the password you chose to register, checking your contact information and signing our Seller Agreement. 


"What if I want to help but don’t know my schedule/availability yet?" 

No problem! You can just sign up at the building once drop off begins (and pick up your early shopping ticket). We’re happy to have you! 

"If I help more than I signed up for, can I carry over the extra hours?"

Yes, you can bank extra hours to use at the following sale! Be sure to note this on the bottom of your sheet in the Helper Notebook.


Can I use barcodes from a previous Marketplace Sale? 

Yes! If you have leftover barcodes, they are fine to use. Remember, if you’re cycling items through again, we recommend you choose to discount them and/or lower the price. 

Are my barcodes ready for pickup? 

You will receive an email notifying you when they are ready for pickup. If you haven’t, make sure you’ve done BOTH steps: placed your barcode order AND emailed us informing us you want us to print yours, including in the email request your name, consignor number AND batch number of the order(s) you want printed.

For more info on barcodes, Click Here


How can I improve my sell-through rate? 

Generally, price and quality are the deciding factors for shoppers. Ask yourself what you’d be willing to pay for the item. Remember, shoppers won’t have sentimental attachments to your items. Choosing to discount items on the clearance days greatly increases your sell-through. 

Do you have LIMITS?

Yes. Each consignor has an OVERALL LIMIT of 350* items, with no more than 250 of them being hanging/clothing items. Bring your best! In the following INFANT sizes, you may bring 20 items per size/per gender: newborn, 0-3 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months. (You may combine items on the same hanger to count as 1 piece). In our TEEN/JUNIOR Sections: 20 items per gender. SHOES: 10 pair per gender per each of 3 overall categories: infants, kids, teen. Bedding: 2 sets. Large pictures: 3. 

*If you want to bring more than 350 items, you must contact us for details.


Do I get my hangers back? 

While we obviously can’t track hangers from the thousands of items sold, you may take some hangers, while available, on Pick Up Day.

Pick Up Day

What if I can’t come to Pick Up Day?

You can choose to donate any unsold items and we will mail your check. OR, you can send someone else to handle pick up for you; you MUST send a signed note with that person giving them permission to pick up your check and unsold items (include your consignor number on the note). And remember we don’t sort: shoes, home décor, furniture/heavy items, and accessories – so your representative will have to find your unsold items from these categories, stopping to have them checked before they exit. 

Do I have to find my unsold items?

We will have your clothing, toys, and baby items sorted when you come to Pick Up, but you will be responsible for finding any unsold items in these categories: shoes, home décor, accessories, furniture/heavy items (then we must check them before you exit).


Who does Marketplace donate to?

We donate to a variety of local charities, including social workers in the Franklin County School System (for clothes closets at the various schools), Life Choices Pregnancy Center, the One Day Community Event, and the Day of Hope Community Event (one is hosted in Franklin County in Spring, and one is hosted in Coffee County in Fall – both serving six local counties!), Cowan Railroad Museum, House of Blessings Thrift Store, and others. You are helping spread blessings within our community and its neighbors!

Drop Off

Do I have to have an appointment?

No, appointments aren’t required. BUT, we will take those with appointments first, working in the walk-ins as we can. 

What if I made a Drop Off appointment but need to change it?

You can change it online through the Online Registration Deadline (noon February 27); after that, you can email or text Gina to cancel/change.

Can I bring stuff on multiple days?

Yes! And you don’t need an appointment for the subsequent drops. 

If I've registered, can I skip the computer desk at Drop Off?

No! We need each consignor to stop and "check in" with us at Drop Off.