Sale Updates: New This Year


•  Be a Marketplace Insider with our NEW private Marketplace Consignor's Facebook group. This great resource will be where we can help each other through asking and answering questions, providing tips, and sharing our insight. Click Here to join now!

•  Chance to win a $20 shopping certificate for every 2 large items brought in.

Click here for more details and drawing terms.

•  No longer mailing out postcards, so be sure to check your emails for Marketplace announcements… then be sure to tell your friends, share our social media posts and spread the good news! 

•  $1.00 charge on each credit/debit card transaction.

•  Item price minimum: $2.00 – To aid in our effort to be known for having high quality items, we no longer accept items priced less than $2, originally. You may combine items to sell multiple pieces for $2, noting in the description area of tag how many pieces are included. (Of course, $2 items may be sold for the half price at $1 on clearance days.)

•  Allow plenty of time (at least 30 minutes) for Drop Off, as Consignors will now place their own items in the designated areas on the sales floor AFTER they have been screened by Marketplace Helpers.

•  We now offer Tag Templates that can be found here. These are available for download (.docx or .pdf) and can be printed on cardstock to make tagging much easier. Reminder: Barcode labels ARE required and should be placed at the bottom of each tag. See Barcoding page for more details.

•  ♻️ Reduce. Reuse. Recycle: Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB!) - Please bring reusable bags to carry your purchases home in! You may also bring a large tote, laundry basket, rolling cart, etc., as we have a limited number of shopping carts. 


Overall limit: 350 items*, with no more than 250 hanging/clothing items.

 •  Infant clothing limits - 20 items per gender in EACH of the following sizes: 

newborn; 0-3 months; 3 months; 6 months; 9 months; 12 months.

•  Junior/Teen clothing per gender limits - 20 pieces 

•  Shoes - limit of 10 pair infant/per gender; 10 pair kids/per gender; 

10 pair teen/per gender (may bring more on Restock Day)

•  Bedding* - 2 sets (may bring more on Restock Day)

•  Large pictures* - 3 (may bring more on Restock Day)

*If you want to bring more than 350 items, you must contact us for details.